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Other Services

Other Services

We are a leading consultancy firm that specializes in providing various services to our clients.Besides our core services of accounting, auditing and taxation, we also offer a range of other services to help our clients achieve their business goals. These include:

  • Feasibility Study & Business Valuation
  • Drafting Agreements 
  • Legal Advisory and Corporate Structuring
  • Trademark, Copyrights & Patent Registration
  • Advertisements & Industrial Design
  • Banking Solutions 

These are some of the other services that we offer to our clients. If you are interested in any of these services or have any queries, please contact us for more information

Siyana's Other Services

A feasibility study is a process of evaluating the viability and profitability of a proposed project or business idea. It involves conducting market research, analyzing the costs and benefits, assessing the risks and opportunities, and making recommendations based on the findings. A business valuation is a process of estimating the economic worth of a business or an asset. It involves applying various methods and techniques, such as discounted cash flow, market multiples, asset-based approach, etc., to determine the fair value of the business or the asset.

Drafting agreements is the process of creating contracts for use in business dealings. Contracts are legal documents that define the rights and obligations of the parties involved in a transaction or a relationship. Drafting agreements requires careful attention to detail, clarity of language, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Drafting agreements also involves negotiating the terms and conditions, reviewing and revising the drafts, and finalizing and signing the contracts.

Legal advisory is the service of providing legal assistance and advice to clients on various matters related to their business operations. Legal advisors help clients with issues such as compliance, taxation, litigation, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Corporate structuring is the service of designing and implementing the optimal legal entity structure for a business or a project. Corporate structuring aims to achieve efficiency, flexibility, and tax optimization for the business or the project.

Trademark copyrights and patent registration are important ways of protecting the intellectual property rights of a business. Trademarks are distinctive signs that identify the source and quality of goods or services. Copyrights are exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, perform, or display original works of authorship. Patents are exclusive rights to make, use, or sell inventions that are novel, useful, and non-obvious. Trademark copyrights and patent registration can help businesses secure their competitive advantage, prevent unauthorized use or infringement of their intellectual property, and generate revenue from licensing or selling their rights.

Advertisements and industrial design are creative fields that involve the use of visual communication and aesthetics to promote or enhance products or services. Advertisements are messages that persuade or inform potential customers about the benefits or features of a product or service. Industrial design is the process of creating the form and function of a product that meets the needs and preferences of users. Advertisements and  attention, increase awareness, create demand, and improve customer satisfaction.

Banking solutions are financial services that cater to the needs of businesses in various sectors and stages of development. Banking solutions include deposit accounts, loans, credit cards, payment systems, trade finance, treasury management, and investment banking. Banking solutions can help businesses manage their cash flow, fund their operations or expansion, facilitate their transactions, hedge their risks, and access capital markets.

Step We Can Do For You

We follow a 4 step process in assuring our clients get the prompt and real services without any break.


Your fill up an enquiry form

Depending on the service you fill-up the enquiry form


Understanding your goals

We go through your requirements and understand your goals to serve you better


Developing the plan

Will prepare the customized paper plan for you for the service you have requested


Implementing the plan

Works with multiple agencies to make your dream come true